The biggest breast Chinese Hot girl actress in 2010

Here under you will see some of those not famous Chinese Actress, they showed their fake big breast in some public event, the girl in China now turns to be sexier and sexier.

The last is the comments left by some net visiters from China, there are more news revealed almost every actress in China must be “domesticated”(sex relationship) by directors before she got famous.

actress Lixiaolu shows her breast
Lixiaolu(李小璐), when attended the jewellery promotion in Shanghai.

Lixiaolu in purple long dress showing big boobs
The big breast Lixiaolu in purple dress showing beauty of Asian woman.

Lixiaolu&anyiyuan sit together
Lixiaolu versus Anyixuan, they are competing who is bigger?

Liuyuxin attending a show by Phoenix TV
Liuyuxin attending a show by Phoenix TV in white dress showing almost all boobs out.

Liuyuxin siting smiling with clothes open
Liuyuxin smiling with almost all boobs to audience

Liuyuxin's big snowy breast with clear blood vessel
Look careful!
Liuyuxin’s big snowy breast with clear blood vessel

hot chinese girl Liuyuxin showing her breast again
look closely, you may find something-her dark areolas

Liuyan's side view
From side view of the Beijing TV hostess, She’s more elegant, but truth is??

Liuyan wear lace underwears
Liuyan like to make herself sexy to others by wear strip clothes or less clothes.

hot Chinese girl Liuyan siting in transparent dress
hot Chinese girl Liuyan siting in transparent dress smiling in a flirtatious way.

china girl picture girl dresses in white
Liuyan dressed in white pretending to be pure

Liuyan hot girls picture dongguan gal
Liuyan sat and showing little stip of her t-back.

Liuyan always wear transparent clothes
Liuyan loves to wear in any transparent clothes including pink and blue.

girls dresses girl white unique dress china picture

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Comments left by visiter:

2011/12/07 12:37
from Guangdong Dongguan: Japanese prostitutes are actress, Chinese actresses are prostitutes.

2011/12/07 11:36
from Jiangsu Suzhou: Aren’t they be afraid of being raped by wearing so flirtatious?

2011/12/07 11:11
From Guangdong Donggua: Is this a Cow election campaign?

2011/12/07 12:03
From Shanxi Xianyang: Their breasts nine out of ten were fake.

2011/12/07 10:32
From Jiangsu Suzhou: They will show their bottom(private parts) several years


2011/12/07 10:37
Jiangsu Suzhou: FUxx,Look American women, they are born so big, now every

women want to be like that.

2011/12/07 12:50
From Tianjin: All are whores, flirting! no good girl.

2011/12/07 09:53
From Guizhou Guiyang, I want to touch that!

2011/12/07 15:38
From Anhui, what is the benefit to show these to others? This pleased not


2011/12/07 18:19
Jiangsu Suzhou: Really rubish women!

2011/12/07 23:36
Zhejiang Hangzhou: Why don’t they get totally stripped?

2011/12/07 23:49
The ditch looked more like the buttocks.

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